Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Hero

So I have come to the realization that with the accident that I talked about in my last blog, with my mom just making that choice to no let me go she may have saved my life. If I would have gone I very well could have been killed. She has always been one of my heroes. I mean she has raised me as a single parent ever since I was little. She has put up with all of my crap through the years. I would be lost with out her. She's not only my mom but one of my best friends. She has always been there trough the thick and thin. Pulling me through making sure I make it to the other side.

Monday, June 25, 2007


Wow. The past two days have been really emotional. Two of my best friends were in a really serious car crash in the 395 near Kramer junction. They were coming home from a youth group mission trip up in Bishop. A truck swerved from his northbound lane to their southbound lane hitting them head on, and causing them to roll and trap all 9 of them in the 11 passenger van that then burst into flames. We found out that 4 of the people killed were in the van that they were in, 1 was and adult who was the youth pasters wife and driver, the other 3 were students at Upland High School who all had just finished Freshmen year and were about to be Sophomores. I later found out that the one boy killed I went to pre-school with.
It was one of those things where they wanted me to go but my mom said "No" because of my leaving on the 7th of July for my trip to Honduras. It just makes me wonder "would God have called me home?" "Would I have been spared?" "Would any of this even happened if I was there?" It also makes me realize all the much more how precious life really is. I mean the 3 kids were MY age. You just don't really think of kids your age dying. I mean I relized it earlier this year/ late last year when my friend Paige Godard died in November of cancer at the age of 16
Then in January another 16 year old I grew up around was killed in a car crash.

Just continue to pray for a quick recovery for my friends that were involved and for everyone else and their families. Pray for all of those who lost their lives.