Saturday, August 11, 2007

Another trip to Honduras?

So I just found out that the trip to Honduras in Nov. is a go for our church, now its just getting my mom to let me go. The problem is getting the funds to go. It works out just right where I would only miss 5 days of school and the Homecoming Dance, but for Honduras it is so worth it. I absolutely love it there! If I could I would go all the time :). Just pray that it might be a possibility for me to go which probably means me getting a job and who knows it'll be hard considering im still only 15 but who knows every thing will work out the way God wants it to!


Wow Hume Lake was AMAZING it helped me finish realizing a lot of things that I may have never really completely realized. Chris Brown the speaker was AMAZING he really knew how to bring the word in such a good way and so differently! pics on myspace