Monday, June 21, 2010

The Adult World

So obviously what I stated in my last post has not come true. However since then I have turned 18 and graduated high school. I have yet to really believe that I am actually done with high school. I also purchased a new car. I really don't think that it will all hit me until I move and start driving to Waco on July 1st. As I am sitting here my mom and I are discussing our road trip. We leave the 1st and drive to El Paso. The morning of the 2nd we wake up and drive to San Antonio for the night. The 3rd we tour around San Antonio and leave for Austin and stay there for the 4th of July and head to Waco the morning of the 5th. We are going to take a day to get to know Waco and then on the 6th is orientation and mom will probably meet with one of the Captains in the Air Force ROTC to meet with them and learn more about the program. We also have a welcome dinner on the 6th at Baylor. The 7th is the start of my college life, after classes I will be driving my mom down to Austin to fly home. I will be updating more as time goes on. In the mean time enjoy some pics from my b-day at the BI, graduation and grad night soon to follow!

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